MedicAlert Foundation and the Carlos Vieira Foundation are furthering their partnership that supports local children with Autism by providing free medical IDs and 24/7 wandering support services through the new MedicAlert Found® for Autism program. The program was established to provide an additional layer of protection for the autism community during wandering emergencies as 50% of all individuals with autism will wander or elope. Additionally, more than one-third of those who wander are unable to communicate their name, address or phone number. The MedicAlert Found for Autism program is being offered to families at no cost when they enroll loved ones online thanks to the Northwestern Mutual Insurance Endowment Fund. Online enrollees will receive a MedicAlert medical ID bracelet or necklace, MedicAlert shoe tag, and 24/7 wandering support service which are all designed to communicate the autism condition and serve as a connection to MedicAlert who can contact family and ensure loved ones are reunited.

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