About Carlos Vieira Foundation

Our History

Carlos Vieira Foundation was founded by local businessman and race car driver, Carlos Vieira. In 2007, “Team 51FIFTY” utilized their popularity and public outreach to raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Central California.

In 2008, the race team increased their fundraising efforts and raised close to $25,000 for the Challenged Family Resource Center in Merced, CA, an organization dedicated to helping families living with Autism in the local area.

In 2009, Carlos Vieira Racing, Inc. started a fundraising campaign called Race for Autism which has become an iconic platform for autism awareness. The team dedicated their entire racing season towards raising money for Autism Awareness. They donated all proceeds from their race winnings and held multiple events toward reaching an ultimate goal of raising $51,500. At the end of the season, they not only had reached their goal but surpassed it. The money raised was donated to three different organizations, Autism Speaks, F.E.A.T (Families for Effective Autism Treatment) and Challenged Family Resource Center.

After three years of fundraising for charity Carlos knew it was time to take it to the next level.

On February 5, 2010, the Carlos Vieira Foundation was born. A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that not only helps families living with Autism but dedicates their time and energy to helping support other local organizations.

As the years changed, so did the Carlos Vieira Foundation. The Foundation helps many organizations with our Race 2B Drug Free campaign, Race To End The Stigma campaign, and our work with raising money for the Children’s Hospital of Central California. Though, our primary focus is on providing families living with Autism in Central California with the educational tools, medical supplies and services a child needs to flourish and live a healthy, happy life. The Foundation has created a grant program that directly helps families living with Autism. Social workers, child care providers, school nurses, health technicians, families and more work directly with the Foundation to provide children in need with the specific aids that will directly work with the child’s autism spectrum disorder.

In order to protect and help the children of Central California, the Foundation relies on charitable donations from corporate sponsors, event fundraisers, community service organizations, and individual donations from loyal contributors to continue our work.

Mission - Goal - Vision - Purpose


The Mission of the Carlos Vieira Foundation (CVF), a nonprofit charity organization, is to assist in strengthening communities by directly helping the individuals that live in them. We do this by providing key resources, awarding direct-help grants, fundraising, and collaborating with other dynamic organizations that help make a difference.


To work with volunteers, donors, and other civic organizations to fundraise and expand our programs throughout the entire state of California.


To ensure that everyone in our local communities has the tools and services they need to succeed and live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


It is our hope that our mission will help to better prepare and empower children, individuals and families in need to achieve lifelong successes and improve their overall health, well being and quality of life.

Volunteer Now!

We are always looking for amazing people to join our organization and volunteer their time.  From events all over to simple fundraisers, we always have a need for more volunteers.