Carlos Vieira our organization thanks you personally for years of assistance by 51FIFTY Energy Drink and the "Race for Autism" campaign for the generous donations to FEAT-FMC since the kick off the "51fifty Race for Autism" in 2009. That fundraising effort exceeded the goal of $51,500 and continues to do so every year. 51FIFTY Energy Drink also supports the Carlos Vieira Foundation and the "Gloves Not Drugs" program to keep kids off the streets, out of gangs and away from drugs. Thank you for making our community a better place and caring so much about children, mental health issues, and most importantly to FEAT-FMC, autism and how it affects our young.

Charles Genseal

Vice President Families for Effective Autism Treatment-Fresno Madera Counties

Stevie's new Ipad arrived last Sunday, very fast.I received your letter and wanted to thank you for your help! I'm waiting for a case for her new Ipad to arrive and then it's hers, she'll be so happy and excited!

Mark and Stevie Rea

The Race for Autism campaign put on by the Carlos Vieira Foundation has impacted Valley Achievement Center with their generous donation on being the main sponsorship for our April 16  5k walk/run. With their amazing grant program they can help the families in need with autism. They invited the V.A.C to Kern County Raceway for the Winter Showdown sponsored by 51FIFTY and made an announcement about the programs Valley Achievement Center offers here in Bakersfield. I can't wait to see what this amazing foundation is going to do.

Samantha Smith

Hello my name is Teresa Guerrero, My daughter Sara Guerrero was diagnosed with Autism when she was 18 months.  I was fortunate to hear about the Carlos Vieira Foundation through my friend Kori Escobar about a year later.  I was so excited about applying for the grant because there is very little help out there for families struggling and living with autism.  What I love best about the Carlos Vieira Foundation is the fact that they understand and appreciate the uniqueness of your child and your situation.  They allow you to select the items that would best suit your family’s needs.   I am sure my Sara’s needs are much different from other families.  If you are a family living with autism I would encourage you to apply.  My family has truly been blessed.  The items I have received have changed my family’s life. So I would like to thank the foundation for their continued support!

Teresa Guerrero

I am extremely grateful for the donations 51Fifty has made to the various programs for individuals with special needs I have been able to be involved with through my time working with Merced County Parks and Recreation. The various t-shirts, hats, drinks, stickers and other items have been provided to those individuals as door prizes for those attending the events. In fact, many times, they are the most coveted prizes at these events because not only are they nice products, but many of the clients know that the product benefits them or their friends. Support from wonderful organizations such as 51Fifty are what make these programs as successful as they can possibly be.

On a side note, one of my family friends has a non-verbal autistic child that received an iPad through the Carlos Vieira Foundation. I have seen the positive impact that 51Fifty helps create for individuals with special needs. Thank you for all you help make possible. Keep up the good work.

Bryan Behn

I realize that we have told you "thanks" many a time, but I don't know if we've ever managed to formalize our true appreciation by putting it into written word. Well here goes the attempt to do such, but I don't believe anyone could put into words how much we appreciate your organization's support for our programs and what it has done for the youth of the communities we serve.

We have been associated with your company and the Carlos Vieira Foundation for over five years and this association came at a time when we were about to "scale-back" on our boxing program(s) and be forced to reduce the number of youth we would be providing activities to less than 50. Since then, and through your organization's support and tremendous generosity, our programs have expanded and we now serve a lot greater number of youth and in 4 different communities within Merced County. The success and popularity of these programs has been recognized and we get calls from other areas of the County regularly asking for services in these various other locations. None of this success would have been recognized without your support and there would be many a young individual deprived of the opportunity to participate in a healthy activity versus the many other unhealthy options that exist outside the walls of their local gym.

As we've previously discussed, the sport of boxing is unique in that it is an individual sport that requires a great deal of individual commitment, both physical and mental, but the rewards are boundless for these kids. There is no greater pleasure for me than to be there and recognize when a young person finds their self- confidence and realizes there is no need for criminal behavior, drug use and/or gang affiliation to be able to feel good about themselves knowing that through hard work and commitment anything can be accomplished.

William J. Wilde

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